This Wellington High School Senior was a pleasure to meet and photograph.

All you have to do is look into his eyes to see what a kind person he is. Don’t let his hair distract you, his personality and charm shines through.

He is still deciding on a career plan at this time but is interested entrepreneurship of some kind.

Justin played football this year and was sorry to see the season end. He currently has a busy schedule as he prepares for the future. We wish him luck this year and beyond.


Published by marceemaurerphotography

I am a retired middle school counselor who loves being with people and taking pictures. Once I retired I didn't see the students and their parents on a regular basis. I missed that. I had always enjoyed photographing the kids at their events and so I thought I would offer to take pictures in my spare time. Living in a small town word got around and my students started to graduate from high school, whala! Senior Pictures, then they got engaged, then married and then had families. The perfect timeline for a photographer. Since I started I have been called out of town and have met new people and families. I am never without my camera and my family is glad they aren't always the subjects. I think any picture session should be fun for all. I like to get to know my clients and capture their personalities as well as their smiles.

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