McClellan Family + Zachary Thompson

We took a trip down memory lane with one of our former students, Jessica McClellan, and her family for a fall shoot! Her family was great to work with, and traveled to the area from West Virginia! Her son, Zachary, is also a senior this year, so we took the opportunity to grab a few senior pictures for him as well. We trekked out to Findley to remind them of their own countryside in West Virginia!

Zachary is a senior at Benjamin Franklin Tech School in West Virginia, where he has already completed the carpentry courses, and is working towards his two year program in electricity. Zachary was a gentle giant who was mature beyond his years, and had an air of confidence about him.

Younger brother, Dakota, wanted a few snap shots too!

It was great to catch up with Jessica and her family, and hear of all their successes. We wish Zachary a great senior year, and best wishes on his future endeavors. Congratulations to all!

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